We have a real piece of history lying here in the grounds of the nursery in the form of a stone circle.

The circle dates back to the mid bronze age which is approximately 2500 years old and we have visitors from all over the world such as Mexico and Japan!

The circle consists of six huge stones with a diameter of about 18 feet. In 1855 the circle was re-disovered following a clearance for a garden and an excavation took place. 

While digging and levelling the interior, four huge urns, about two feet in height and one foot in diameter at the mouth, were exhumed, quite full of calcined bones, besides three or four stone coffins, formed of thin, unshapen slabs, and likewise containing the mortal remains of the ancient Caledonians of a pre-historic period. The urns were of very coarse manufacture, and in their removal they were broken to pieces.

Come down and view the stone circle and sign our visitors book!

Photo from www.brand-dd.com courtesy of Nick. Please visit www.brand-dd.com for more info on the stone circle.

 Tynriech Stone Circle Perthsire


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